What we provide to our customers

Freight Negotiation

We don't settle for base rate; we go the extra mile to secure you the pay you deserve. We look at several market factors to use in your favor when negotiating the freight rate.

Personalized Route Planning

We optimize routes to reduce fuel cost, driving time, and delivery time. At the same time, we work with you to guarantee a smooth trip.

Carrier Setup Packet

We handle all packet paperwork to facilitate business partnership with brokers.

Invoicing Procedures

We manage your paperwork for services provided, amount due to be collected, and your preferred method of payment.

Weekly Summary Report

You are running a business and we want you to have all the insights. We highlight the major points of your week, results, conclusions, and recommendations.

Monthly Overall Report

We analyze monthly our clients' performance. We highlight strong points and subjects to work on.

Efficient & Reliable Loads

We examine loads thoroughly securing the veracity of the load. We are always on guard against scams.


We work with you to get paid fast; we know the importance of cash to keep your business in motion. We take care of factoring loads for you.

Emails & Calls

All emails and calls are directed to us to avoid loss of information and miscommunication.

Broker Credit Checks

We know the importance of reliable brokers and shippers, that's why we look for quality freight and quality brokers. We focus on brokers with a score of 90 or higher.

24/7 Service

We offer night dispatching, and we are always open. We are always one phone call away!

Prime Customer Service

It is very important for us to give you an easy and enjoyable experience working with us. We have a "you-first" attitude!


1. Certificate of Authority
2. Power of Attorney
3. Proof of Insurance
4. Dispatcher-Carrier Agreement
W-9 Form

Note: All documents needing signature are signed electronically

Our Service's Goals

We assist, communicate, and answer concerns to our clients and stakeholders with professionalism to meet their needs.

We book, You Drive